The memory foam mattress topper? Your nights will not be the same!

If we want to find a fully restorative sleep, with the comfort and well-being that we deserve, and if at the same time we want our mattress to last over time and be optimized, then nothing better than to decorate our bedding with a good mattress topper. In terms of softness, hygiene, durability, ease, in a cozy and relaxing climate, ladies once again, you will be at the top!

A mattress topper that adapts to our morphology

One of the most remarkable features of a mattress topper designed with memory foam is its ability to return to its original shape. So when you lie down on a memory foam mattress, it adapts to the shape of the body. As soon as we get up, the memory foam mattress topper returns to its original shape as soon as the pressure and body heat disappear. This “memory effect” and its great resilience property ensure optimal comfort: it is the mattress topper that hugs the body and shapes, and not the other way around.

Another of the special characteristics of viscoelastic material is the wonderful feeling of weightlessness it provides, it is a pleasant feeling that makes your sleep deeper. Comfort is increased, reducing the nocturnal micro-awakenings that tire us during the day.

How many of our mattresses have we changed because over time they lost their softness or support? With a quality memory foam mattress topper, we have been adding years to our mattress, and our body has never been so respected. Regardless of the size, small, medium, or larger, there are mattress toppers that are designed for all sleepers in general. For people a little stronger, however, it is advisable to opt for a Bamboo shape memory mattress topper, for example.

When you tell your colleagues that you slept “like on a cloud”, the expression will take on its full meaning! And they’ll all want to buy that mattress topper that makes your nights so different. Besides, how have we been able to do without it during all these years?

The memory foam mattress topper is an asset for health

The memory foam mattress topper provides postural support by helping to relieve pressure points created by the weight of our body (shoulders, hips, joints, etc.) as well as alleviating pain and discomfort focused on the lumbar or muscle area, as it provides good posture for the spine, neck and joints.

It is also particularly suitable for people in recovery or those who have to spend a lot of time in the same position, such as those who read or study in their bed, or those who have cocooning evenings in front of the television. Another advantage of viscoelastic is that it promotes the circulation of our blood by not putting pressure on the blood vessels, thus doing good for several organs in our body such as the heart, muscles and arteries.

In addition, memory foam has a thermoregulatory function, that is, in the same way that our body adapts, it also adapts to the temperature of the environment. Therefore, this material is ideal for people who have difficulty maintaining body heat in bed or even have problems especially in the joints that require a hot thermal sensation.

To de-stress, to relax after a tiring or exhausting day, the mattress topper is also there when morale is low, providing that superb “cuddly effect”: Nothing sweeter for morale!

Supportive and committed, even while sleeping

Because ecology is everyone’s business, the trend is towards the use of more natural foams, which do not come from toxic elements, such as petroleum, and made from natural materials of plant origin and which offers different rest areas, with antimicrobial protection.

Indeed, as memory foam is made of polyurethane foam, a material based on organic fibers which, unlike other (untreated) materials such as foam or spring mattresses, is hypoallergenic. It is an ideal material for people prone to allergies as it does not tend to retain any type of pathogens and bacteria such as dust mites and other particles present in the environment which will be trapped before they enter. in a mattress.

The Oeko-Tex label, which guarantees that no treatment harmful to health has been used during manufacture, is a standard that you absolutely must ensure.

In addition, we can limit waste and save money, with this judicious option of mattress topper, beneficial to everyone, because instead of buying other mattresses and often for the whole family, we will only have to remove the cover the mattress topper and wash it!

What is comfortable for you will be comfortable for your partner

Memory foam is a perfect material for those who sleep with their partner or even a pet, and who do not want to notice the movements of the other sleeper, wake up during the night or have the feeling the next day of not having slept.

If there are differences in the preferences of the material, and the two-seater mattress topper is not unanimous between two people sleeping together, an option depending on the needs and preferences of each person is to opt for almost twin mattress topper, two independent blocks which are placed together with the bed (and can even be sewn together so that they do not separate) which offer greater independence of the beds, since each person has the feeling of sleeping on their own mattress but at the same time accompanied. In addition, everyone can choose the thickness that suits them best: 5 or 8 centimeters, it’s up to you. The memory foam mattress topper also has this superb non-slip quality, if you get restless a lot, you can be sure you won’t find your mattress topper at the bottom of the bed.

So, ladies, it’s time to reconsider the medium you are meant to rest on, indulging yourself with a good mattress topper that will change your nights. Let yourself go and have sweet dreams!

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