Solutions for natural healing

Alternative medicine is gaining more and more followers. While they do not replace medical advice and do not replace conventional medicine therapies, natural remedies nevertheless have many benefits. They help our body fight against a large number of everyday ailments and have the advantage of being less aggressive than chemical molecules. Simple, ecological and economical, these alternatives are suitable for all types of patients. This article aims to give you an idea of ​​the different alternatives for natural healing.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine, or herbal therapy, is one of the alternative medicine treatment methods. Plants are even today the most widely used elements in the context of this complementary medicine. We have been interested in it since Antiquity to treat a large number of ailments and diseases. The substances that plants contain also work synergistically to combine their medicinal properties, but this requires knowledge and skill.

You can turn to plants to treat headaches, sleep or digestive disorders, or more painful ailments . Stress or depression can also be alleviated with plants. You can find the solutions you need in an organic pharmacy such as Soin et Nature , offering natural health and care products. The plants can indeed be used in different ways: in infusion, in decoction, in capsules, etc. Among the plants most used in the context of alternative medicine, we find for example ginseng, aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, or lavender.

If herbal tea remains the most common use of plants to this day, it is also possible to have them prepared in pharmacies and drugstores . The maceration of fresh plants in alcohol, or in a mixture of alcohol and water makes it possible to extract their active ingredients. This gives what is called mother tincture, which can be kept for several years in a bottle.


Homeopathy is one of the alternative medicines to drugs. It uses substances of plant or animal origin and can treat various ailments such as allergies, anxiety, nervousness, pain, etc. The manufacture of homeopathic products follows a very specific process of serial dilution and agitation , to boost the potency of the active products.

You can get homeopathic preparations without a prescription in pharmacies and online drugstores. They can come in many forms: tablets, gels, ointments, drops, etc. Among the well-known brands, there is in particular Boiron. Nevertheless, consultation with an expert is strongly recommended in order to know precisely the suitable products and their dosage.

Essential oils

Each drop of an essential oil brings its share of virtues and properties, depending on your needs. Essential oils are a basic to have in your natural medicine cabinet, because they can especially be used to treat everyday ailments, such as sleep disorders, stress or nervousness.

Essential oils can be used in different ways, such as diffusing, vaporizing or even added to a relaxing bath . For example, you can use essential oils of chamomile, lemon, geranium, fine lavender, tangerine or orange blossom to soothe tension, relax and reduce depression. To fight against anxiety and anxieties, you can use essential oil of sour petitgrain.

Against fatigue, the essential oils of peppermint or basil can help you greatly thanks to their toning properties on the body and the mind. They also boost the body, promote digestion and regulate moods. On the other hand, they should never be applied pure: the risk of allergy or irritation is high.

Essential oils are also very often used for cosmetic purposes . One can for example use the essential oils of patchouli grain, cedar or rosemary to fight against dandruff. The oils of chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and geranium allow them to treat dull, brittle and damaged hair. You just need to add a few drops to your shampoo or your usual care, or to use them diluted on the scalp.

For the skin, lavender oil is a good way to help it regenerate and heal . For dry skin, Damascus rose oil helps moisturize it and restore suppleness. Conversely, the essential oil of Scots pine will help regulate sebum for oily skin. To fight against the signs of fatigue and aging, jojoba oil should be used.

Herbal products

You can get herbal products in pharmacies and organic drugstores online . Just make sure that the sign is well declared to the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists. You will then be able to benefit from products from approved pharmaceutical laboratories and from controlled and official distribution channels. This type of brand offers products, treatments and drugs without a prescription. You can also find natural veterinary products there.

The advantage is that an approved drugstore often has its own herbalism and its own laboratory. You will be able to get all the products of homeopathy , oligotherapy, gemmotherapy and herbalist there. The staff can also advise you on the use of the products, whether they are personalized preparations of dry herbs or essential oils.


Probiotics are bacteria or yeasts that are already naturally present in the body. They participate in many functions such as digestion, or immunity. To understand how they work, you first need to know that both good and bad bacteria are present in the gut. It is the balance between the two that allows the good health of the intestinal flora . An imbalance can cause various problems such as poor digestion, repeated infections, allergies, etc. The consumption of probiotics would therefore restore this balance, promote good digestion, regulate intestinal transit, fight against diarrhea, stimulate immunity against infections, or even prevent the recurrence of vaginal yeast infection.

Depending on the problems encountered, it is possible to take suitable probiotics. It is for example possible to take probiotics for the skin , in order to deal with an imbalance of the skin microbiota, causing inflammation (redness, irritation, dryness) and acne. They also strengthen the skin barrier, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

Probiotics also help to lose weight , by balancing the intestinal flora and by regulating the stress at the origin of snacking. They are also a valuable asset against constipation or the frequent ailments of pregnancy, helping digestion and fighting against transit problems. Again, you can get probiotics in the form of capsules or sachets from pharmacies and drugstores online.

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