Marketing Plan in 2021 | 50 Design Tips – Goals, KPIs, Analysis, Triggers, and Budget

A marketing plan is a roadmap. When you have a specific goal, he shows you how to reach it. Improvising marketing can get expensive. Therefore, drawing up a marketing plan is one of the key tasks of the owner.

Remember that it was the availability of the main and backup options that helped Mr. Fix and his assistant to make the circumnavigation in 80 days?

In contrast to them, many entrepreneurs operate according to the principle “we’ll figure it out on the fly”. But when someone burns out, most often this happens because there was no clear business plan, there was no marketing action plan, and it was too late to come up with it on the fly.

Of course, one could argue that the development of a marketing plan, and planning in general, does not always save the business. Yes. But still, their presence significantly increases the chances of success.

Marketing goals span five main areas: increasing brand awareness, lead generation, attention retention, increasing customer value, and expanding brand loyalty. These goals should be reflected in the marketing plan.

Therefore, we propose to follow the example of the heroes of the animated series “80 days around the world”, and compose it.


Marketing plan: why you need it, what to start from


Sales Marketing Plan: Any Business Starts With Traffic

In life we ​​make many decisions, big and small. But no matter how we think, most of them are not spontaneous. More often than not, our decisions are somehow related to goals.

It’s the same in business. You won’t run ad campaigns just to get them started! You expect, that is, you plan that your efforts and expenses will be justified, and you will get the result you are striving for.

That is, having a goal provides clarity, direction. That is why it is important for business to draw up a marketing development plan in 2021. To clearly understand how the base will be laid – the process of attracting a client.

To set up traffic, find leads to attract the attention of potential customers, set up a warm-up system, launch a sales funnel, and you need a marketing plan.

If the marketing department acts chaotically, rushing from side to side, then the sales department in 2021 will find it difficult.

Leads will flow to managers intermittently, and there will be failures even with a great product and a better sales force.


Marketing strategy and marketing plan: definition

A company’s marketing plan is a kind of marketing report for a year, quarter or month. Its creation is connected with the achievement of the set business goals of the company. For example, enter a new market, introduce a new product, etc.

It should clearly state:

  • what are the goals and how to understand that they have been achieved,
  • who is the buyer
  • what results need to be achieved,
  • who are the competitors and what are they doing in the same direction,
  • what are the risks, challenges and strengths, etc.

How will the business achieve certain marketing goals? This should be discussed in the strategy.

That is, the strategy determines what content, what advertising will be launched, what channels will be used, what software will allow tracking the results.


Marketing plan example

For example, imagine that you are launching a new product and you need to attract the attention of your target audience. In your guide to action, you need to include reasonable numbers: how many clicks, leads, sales you need to reach the required amount of revenue and profit. Plus – who the buyer is, what are their “pains”, interests, etc.

Further, in the content of the marketing plan, you need to identify strategies. That is, clearly describe how to proceed. For example, to launch a new product, you need:

  • first, give a series of blog articles,
  • secondly, prepare videos on Youtube ,
  • third, create a new Instagram account .

Thus, the marketing goal is to introduce a new product to the market and attract potential customers.

And the company will achieve this goal in 2021 using three strategies – blog, social networks, video hosting.

If you go down further, then you need to move on to tactics. That is, for each of the strategies, think over specific actions. For example, themes for blog articles and social media posts, scripts for videos, compose sales scripts , etc.


Try to see the forest behind the trees

In fact, of course, few people bother with concepts, so they are often confused.

It may not be so important how to name it correctly. But it’s important that you see the big picture. To understand what is happening in the market, how business goals relate to marketing, what will talk about success or failure, who the buyer is, how and through what channels to interact with him, etc.


Types of marketing plans

The finished marketing plan can be of different sizes. It depends on the goals, as well as the scope of the business, its size.

For example, for someone the general development of a marketing plan is relevant, which will involve all promotion channels.

And someone needs a marketing plan for a month with an emphasis on seo, Instagram promotion , or content. But in any case, marketing should be aimed at fulfilling the sales plan .

Here are some types of marketing plans:

  • quarterly or annual – combine all strategies and campaigns that are planned for a certain period,
  • paid promotion – the basis will be advertising campaigns, placement with bloggers, promotions, etc.,
  • social media marketing plan,
  • content marketing actions – combines strategies where you will use content to promote your business or product.

Marketing plan of the organization: ultimate goals and decomposition

Everything should be built on the specific goals that the company intends to achieve.

For example, you can set goals like this:

  • firstly, to expand the geography of sales outside the region,
  • secondly, start exporting goods,
  • thirdly, to increase profitability by 15%,
  • or, for example, double the revenue and profit, etc.

Further, these ultimate goals need to be decomposed. That is, break it down into specific actions that will help you achieve the desired result.Fix the original data

It is difficult to think about the future of business if you are not clear about the present. So try to truthfully assess and analyze the current situation. Establish baselines so that you can compare the results with them later.

This will help you see what worked and what didn’t. And make adjustments if necessary

Marketing plan: decomposition, key indicators

A strategic marketing plan also needs to be detailed.

But it’s not just business goals that need to be decomposed. It is also required for marketing efforts.

For example, your goal is 2 million rubles. revenue per month. If you have an average check of 20,000 rubles, and the average conversion from lead to customers is 10%, then:

  • you need to make 100 deals,
  • to get 100 buyers, you need to generate at least 1000 leads, and they must be targeted.

Key figures for analysis and decomposition

To break down your ultimate goals in detail, only the volume of revenue, average check, number of leads and customers will be small.

When it comes to marketing and customer acquisition, then developing a marketing plan in 2021 should take into account the following metrics:

  • first, how much does a click cost,
  • secondly, how much do you plan to spend on advertising campaigns,
  • thirdly, what will be the costs for each transaction excluding advertising,
  • fourth, how much will the lead cost,
  • fifth, what will the conversion be: from click to leads, from leads to sale,
  • and, finally, how much profit you can get from the check.

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