Women and cycling are on the move!

Cycling is a whole story, and you can even tell your own, from the age when your dad proudly gave it to you and your older brother taught you to ride, until today, when you pedal by yourself on all the roads of life.

The pioneers: from parachute skirts to shorts

If there is one object that symbolizes the struggle of women and freedom, it is the bicycle. In the past, it was believed that its use could harm a woman’s body, making them infertile or causing the loss of the baby. Women who rode bicycles were even considered trivial. But to hell with sacrosanct decorum! Over the course of public awareness, the bicycle has become the means to challenge macho society and archaic ideas. Strict and sultry dress codes are overthrown thanks to these brave women who have made changes to their outfits every time, asserting themselves and standing up to them. Petticoats and frills have gradually given way to bloomers and then to more casual outfits, and with the right to pedal, women have won the right to mobility, the right to go where they want,
Susan Anthony, the American civil rights activist, believed that the bicycle was the most important contribution to the empowerment of women: “It gives them a feeling of freedom and security. Every time I see a woman on a bicycle, I am happy, because it is the image of freedom, ”she declared in 1896.

Stylish and modern, even on the bike

Over time, women have become inveterate sportsmen and women, there is no question of staying at home and waiting for Monsieur to come back from his little evening jog. An ecological, non-polluting means, the bicycle reveals the committed woman that you are. When choosing a bike, it should be done as if you were looking for a precious and faithful friend. So much for the refined and meticulous side that characterizes women. Whether it’s a road bike, a mountain bike, an electric bike, or a city bike, every component and every accessory is to be considered with care. It is of course necessary to opt for clothing specifically linked and adapted to the woman’s bike., such as shoes, bike shorts, shorts, a good helmet, and even technical underwear. Cycling is not just pedaling, you have to think about comfort, fit, lightness, pace and even, for the most coquettish, the admiration that can arouse, which would encourage other people to get on their bikes why not?

Cycling, a remedy without a prescription

Cycling is one of the sports most recommended by doctors, which encourages fun, safety and great health benefits. It is indicated for people of all ages and in particular for people suffering from back pain and joints, because it does not involve actions that exacerbate the pain. It is cardiovascular activity, increasing lung capacity, lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation and increasing basal metabolism. In addition, and it is a little more obvious, the muscular work of the legs, hips and the abdomen, is strongly requested, therefore its practice allows us to burn localized and general fats and to shape the silhouette. A single hour of cycling burns over 500 calories!

Cycling, a lifestyle

There are few everyday worries that resist riding a bike alone or with friends and as we cycle the problems gradually become less important and remain in the background. We let go of stress, and when we walk journeys, the brain receives a powerful injection of endorphins and serotonin, which generates optimism and a positive attitude.
And yes I ride so I think! Cycling improves brain performance This theory stems from a study by the University Medical Center in Utrecht in the Netherlands, which found that pedaling increases the density of white matter in the brain, the one in charge of the connections that the brain makes. made to perform its usual duties.

Moreover, with the bicycle, insomnia, a great scourge of modern times, is in the closet. Pedals are an antidote and help balance mental and physical exhaustion. Of course, it is recommended to leave 3 hours of distance between cycling activity and when you go to bed, so that the body relaxes after a good shower and its temperature drops.
For life in society, being part of a dance club, tennis club or a group of regular cyclists allows you to be in contact with people who share the same activity. It’s the best way to chat, to get together over a drink to relax and schedule other outings. Solo trips are also very popular and it is easy to isolate yourself by bike, to recharge your batteries and find yourself.

Also, when we cycle our two-wheeled friend takes us to charming places, road bikes and mountain bikes make us more intrepid and curious. Discovering unusual or forgotten places … Simply discovering the world.Finally, to celebrate cycling and all its advantages with dignity, there is a World Cycling Day, set for June 3, but obviously, ladies, not the It’s worth waiting for that day to parade, you can ride your proud mount all year round!

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