La Bola, pregnancy jewelry from The Good Karma Shop

Pregnancy is a special moment in the life of a woman where the need to be woman and feminine mingle with the need to begin to bond with her future child.

The Good Karma Shop offers on its pages, pregnancy bola , an ancestral jewel.

What is the pregnancy bola?

The bola is a pendant, often in silver, suspended from a long cord or a very long chain, and which rests on the belly of the pregnant woman. It contains a small ball, called a “band ball”, which emits a soft sound to the rhythm of the movements of the mother-to-be. This little jewel or lucky charm acts like a small bell or a xylophone, and helps calm and reassure the baby.

The bola is a pregnancy jewel of Indonesian origin and, more precisely, in Bali. It was produced in small shops in the countryside and appealed to the talent of local artisans. Traditionally known as ‘bulan bola’ in Indonesian, also known as ‘son of the elf’ or ‘his angels’ in other countries. It will undoubtedly attract good humor and ward off evil. It was designed primarily for the purpose of bringing good. luck for the baby and his mom.

Making pregnancy bolas

The Good Karma Shop makes in its workshop silver-plated pregnancy bolas guaranteed nickel free. Inspired by nature and distant travels, semi-precious stones (turquoise, jade or amethyst) but also coral or pearl are used to decorate jewelry.

You will be able to appreciate the very colorful liberty ties, pompoms …

The Good Karma Shop also offers breastfeeding and babywearing necklaces in the “Mum’s Jewelry” collection as well as Yoga necklaces.

The tradition

Traditionally from Bali in Indonesia, the bola is a long necklace that allows its pendant in the shape of a ball to roll on the belly of the pregnant woman.

This pendant creates a soft ringing thanks to the small beads it contains. This melody punctuated by mother’s footsteps, allows you to make a first contact and stimulate baby who perceives sounds from the 16th week of pregnancy.

After the baby arrives, women continue to wear their jewelry. They use it to play or soothe their baby especially during breastfeeding or before bedtime thanks to that soft familiar ringing to which the baby has become accustomed.

I was able to test a bola for you

In a silver pouch, and printed “My 1st mom’s jewelry” with a small card.

This is the bola collection “Les Précieuses – Perle Blanche” (value: 55 €).

The chain measures 1 meter and the bola has a diameter of 22 mm. Made of silver plated and the star in stainless steel, this jewelry does not contain nickel.

For the story of the pearl, it symbolizes love and family.

I love wearing this long necklace, even though I’m no longer pregnant and baby is by my side. I love to hear the little tinkle he makes and baby too. He has fun shaking it when I carry it or give it its bottle.

This jewelry is very feminine, sober and elegant… I plan to take it even on vacation this summer!

In conclusion, it is a symbolic jewelry to offer to all women who want to procreate, pregnant or already mothers, a jewelry that symbolizes both femininity and motherhood.

I really like the fact that it does not contain nickel which is highly allergenic and the many models offered in each of the collections.

And do you use a pregnancy bola or a nursing necklace?

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