Hearing problems: what are the solutions?

A person can have deafness or hearing impairment at any age. But whether it is a question of dysfunctions linked to the transmission or to the perception of sound, there are solutions to overcome this deficit. If you suffer from hearing difficulties, you have nothing to lose as long as you consult specialists in the field. You will be offered alternatives as well as adapted treatments if necessary. What are the possible solutions for hearing problems? Should we be afraid of it? We will enlighten you on these questions.

Hearing aid: to limit hearing degeneration

With age, due to heavy treatment or for other reasons, a person may gradually lose their hearing abilities. It may be a problem with the perception of sound, creating problems with comprehension. This hearing loss has a major impact on daily life and causes difficulties in communicating . By going to an attending physician or ENT specialist, a hearing aid can be prescribed, an effective solution to limit auditory perception deficits.

A hearing aid not only helps limit your problems with sound perception, but also repairs the disorder. Moreover, the earlier the deficit is identified, the sooner you will benefit from appropriate care to treat the problem. If you are wondering about the quality and the price of these devices, know that the reimbursement of Social Security for hearing aids is part of the 100% health reform. This reimbursement is based on a grid and is subject to conditions, in particular the choice of a hearing aid eligible for reimbursement by Social Security. We also recommend that you check whether your insurance covers this health equipment.

Treatment of hearing problems by cause

Besides hearing aids, there are also treatments to reduce hearing problems. However, to define the best way to treat the deficit, it is necessary to know its origin. In this sense, a medical consultation is the only way to define the causes of hearing loss . These can be varied such as age, infection, frequent use of drugs that risk the ear canals, exposure to harmful noises and much more. Knowing the source of your hearing loss allows healthcare professionals to prescribe care that can alleviate the damage and improve your quality of life .

Here are a variety of treatments that can be prescribed by a healthcare professional to treat hearing loss:

  • Corticosteroids are often prescribed for people who have sudden hearing loss . These drugs are to be consumed or injected into the ear. The treatment can last about ten days depending on the extent of the trauma. If the latter is not too severe, the person can regain normal hearing after treatment;
  • Hypertonic solutions can be injected into the ear after the ear has suffered a trauma . The solution alleviates hearing loss and gradually treats it if the problem is not too severe;
  • Cochlear implants are used in the treatment of profound hearing loss. Still under medical prescription, they are fixed at the level of the middle ear. This device captures sound vibrations which will then be transmitted to the inner ear. Implants are often recommended for total deafness.

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