Women and cycling are on the move!

Cycling is a whole story, and you can even tell your own, from the age when your dad proudly gave it to you and your older brother taught you to ride, until today, when you pedal by yourself on all the roads of life. The pioneers: from parachute skirts to shorts If there is one … Read more

Test quinoa for its taste and benefits!

It has been 50 years this year since quinoa first appeared in the Western diet. At a time when the vegan movement was just emerging, this seed imported from South America immediately seduced by its richness in essential nutrients. Today, it invests the shelves of supermarkets and comes in almost all sauces. Nutritionists praise quinoa, and dieticians recommend … Read more

Hearing problems: what are the solutions?

A person can have deafness or hearing impairment at any age. But whether it is a question of dysfunctions linked to the transmission or to the perception of sound, there are solutions to overcome this deficit. If you suffer from hearing difficulties, you have nothing to lose as long as you consult specialists in the field. You will … Read more

Is it possible to relieve pain with CBD?

It is always very unpleasant to have pain, whether fleeting or recurring. However, you have solutions to mitigate these problems which can become disabling in certain cases. We advise you to consult a general practitioner so that he can make a diagnosis in order to remove any doubt about a possible more serious health problem. If you have … Read more