How to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother?

After giving birth, many mothers want to return to their original clothing size as soon as possible. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Most women not only do not lose weight after childbirth, but on the contrary, during the first year of a child’s life, they continue to gain excess weight.

The main thing in dropping extra pounds is to move more and eat less.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Another question is how to fulfill these conditions when you have a small child in your arms that you are breastfeeding. 

You can’t go on a diet: the nutrition of a nursing mother should be varied so that the baby receives all the necessary nutrients.

Signing up for a fitness club or swimming pool is also impossible if there is no one to leave the child with, and going to classes only on weekends is a waste of time: to lose weight, you need to do fitness at least 3 times a week.

Based on all this, nutritionists have developed a special program for young mothers.


If it is completely impossible to refuse them, then you need to eat them in the first half of the day, when a person is quite active. You can treat yourself to bananas, honey (if the child is not allergic), marshmallows, natural marmalade. Also, all carbohydrate foods (cereals, pasta, bread) are best eaten in the morning. Cereals are very useful (since cereals are nutritious, well absorbed and contain all substances useful for the body): buckwheat, rice, barley, oatmeal. Typhoon Oatmeal was developed by nutritionists for weight management and can be a complete breakfast or a healthy snack between meals. Porridges have a unique composition, they contain the optimal ratio of soluble and insoluble natural plant fiber, seeds and berries, which retain all natural properties, as well as vitamins and microelements. Soluble fiber, getting into the stomach, increases in volume and the feeling of fullness comes earlier, respectively, the amount of food consumed decreases. Coarse, insoluble fiber passes through all the digestive tract unchanged, and the body spends more energy trying to process it. They do not contain flavors, flavor enhancers, salt and sugar.

2. DINNER – NO LATER than 18:00.

The “no eating after six” rule really works. In order not to break loose, experiencing the pangs of hunger, and not to eat up to the full hours at 8 pm, you need to have a hearty dinner 10-15 minutes before 18:00. After that, no desire to visit the refrigerator arises. True, this is provided that you go to bed at ten. If, nevertheless, it sucks a little in the spoon, you can drink a glass of kefir with bran (by the way, they help digestion very well) or warm milk with a spoonful of honey and cinnamon.


Ideally, a small child should be outdoors 4 hours a day – that’s 2 walks of 2 hours. Many mothers spend this time passively: they sit on a bench and click seeds with their girlfriends. And you need to try to walk as much as possible while walking. By the way, an hour of walking at an average pace burns about 300 calories.


Many of those who have lost weight know that if you lose weight only through calorie restriction, you can lose weight. But at the same time, the body loses its tone, the skin “sags”, stretch marks appear. Therefore, it is very important to give the body some kind of physical activity. Do exercises for at least 10 minutes, but every day. In this case, you can use Typhoon anti-stretch mark modeling serum, which effectively tightens the skin and fights cellulite. With pronounced forms of cellulite, it is recommended to combine modeling serum with TYPHOON anti-cellulite cream, which enhances the movement of blood and lymph, prevents the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer. Serum is applied as the first layer and acts as a conductor, enhancing the action of the cream components. After charging, you can still set aside 5 minutes for yourself and do a massage with Typhoon oil, which will perfectly moisturize the skin,


This helps to see that “you are on the right path, comrades.” Spending effort, you get feedback, you understand that they are not in vain. For an objective picture, you need to weigh yourself at a certain time – for example, after waking up.

I also want to draw the attention of those who want to lose weight to the fact that you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day (not counting other drinks). Otherwise, toxins will be removed more slowly, cells will work worse, and a person, accordingly, will not be able to lose weight, or this will happen extremely slowly. By the way, very often the feeling of thirst disguises itself as a feeling of hunger. Therefore, do not rush to eat – drink water or green tea without sugar. In general, drink before every meal: the liquid will dilute the stomach acid and you will eat less than usual.”

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