Getting rid of crepatura after training

Training during the quarantine period is very important – the total daily activity that was before drops to almost zero. Therefore, in order to keep your body in good shape and get out of quarantine not only healthy, but also without extra pounds, you need to choose the optimal and feasible loads for yourself. Probably, many … Read more

We strengthen the body’s defenses

The body’s defenses are called immunity, which fights against foreign agents (viruses, fungi, bacteria). Once in the body, pathogens are neutralized by the cells of the immune system. The lymphatic system, bone marrow, spleen and thymus gland (thymus) are responsible for human immunity. They are involved in the production and distribution of immune cells – lymphocytes, phagocytes and … Read more

How to cook healthy curd fritters with psyllium?

Psyllium (psyllium husk) is a dietary fiber composed of 80-85% soluble fiber. Due to this, psyllium perfectly normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the feeling of hunger, cleanses the intestines, and stabilizes the digestion process. It is a strong enterosorbent that removes harmful substances from the body. And for those who follow the Dukan diet, taking it … Read more

The effect of essential oils on the influenza virus

the most common is type A influenza virus. The most pathogenic, most often mutates. And it is this type of virus that most often produces completely new strains that cause pandemics. type B virus mutates more slowly. Therefore, it is more likely that the immune system will have ready-made antibodies against this strain, or similar ones (in … Read more

How to remove scars and scars yourself?

A scar is a formation at the junction of tissues resulting from their regeneration after injury. Many of us are faced with the appearance of post-acne scars, as a result of accidental injuries or forced surgical intervention. Some of them are invisible, others can stand out and be annoying. Science does not stand still, so even outdated scars … Read more

Effective treatment for heel spurs

A heel spur is a special condition where calcium deposits build up between the heel and the arch of the foot. It can happen independently of external factors or be related to an underlying health condition and be a side effect of a chronic illness. People often assume that heel spurs are the cause of all heel … Read more

Hypoallergenic diet – what is it and why is it used

If eating a particular food causes you specific symptoms from dermatitis to diarrhea, then we can talk about a food allergy, hypersensitivity or intolerance to certain foods. A hypoallergenic diet will help improve the quality of life, eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of these conditions.  What is a food allergy? An increased sensitivity of the body to … Read more


Influenza remains the leading cause of severe respiratory illness among most healthy adults. Therefore, influenza vaccination and standard respiratory hygiene remain essential for health. There is currently no vaccine for SARS-CoV, so to control the infection, it is necessary to reduce person-to-person transmission of the virus by doing the following: Wash your hands frequently with soap and … Read more