What to wear with light jeans

Light jeans and light top

Models of light jeans can be completely different. In one version, these are high-waisted jeans, in the other, more sporty models. Here, always start from the jeans model itself in order to successfully pick up the top.

A pure white or light-colored top is a classic that can be safely combined with light-colored jeans of any style. Lightly printed white t-shirts or soft pink and other shades of color can suit you for a casual look.

But a more rigorous look can be created by wearing a strict, light blouse with any cutout to your taste under light jeans.

Also, always remember that heels will help make your legs look longer.

In cooler weather, wear loose under skinny light jeans, oversized sweaters, classic jackets or cardigans. Instead of shoes or sandals, it is better to choose boots with low heels.

Light jeans and dark top

Light jeans harmonize very beautifully with black, so easily pick up things in pure black. It can be simple, summer T-shirts, jackets, oversized sweaters.

A romantic strapless bustier blouse, light-colored jeans and red pumps will help create a romantic bow.

But for a more rigorous look, a light, black blouse is well suited.

Here are a couple more interesting ideas on what to wear under light jeans, picking up a dark top for it.

Stylish images

Creating an office look that is not boring and does not create the impression of dullness and monotony is a real art. Below we will offer readers interesting ideas that we will explain with the help of a photo.

Jeans with a white shirt

White dress shirt – 100% office style. Complete with jeans, it looks different than with a formal suit: it not only creates a business look, but also emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Pay attention to the photo below.

ADVICE! Stylists recommend leaving 2-3 top buttons unbuttoned, slightly tucking up the sleeves, slightly raising the collar, and tucking the shirt into jeans.

In cool weather, a white blazer or jacket will perfectly complement the look.

With a shirt

An ideal option for a woman would be a combination of a shirt with jeans. It is worth choosing a plain shirt in one of the following shades:

  • light pink;
  • sky blue;
  • lavender;
  • peach.

A checkered shirt or with a thin stripe will look harmonious. We must not forget about an important accessory – a stylish belt. Such a bow can not only cheer up and inspire you, but even lead to the envy of colleagues.

With a turtleneck

A turtleneck goes well with jeans and is perfect for creating an office look.

IMPORTANT! Instead of a boring tight-fitting model that will give the impression of casual wear, a turtleneck made of unusual material should be preferred.

Ideally, the image should be supplemented with interesting accessories.

With a chiffon blouse

A chiffon blouse paired with jeans looks feminine and elegant. Delicate chiffon neutralizes the roughness of the jeans and adds airiness to the look. By the way, such a spectacular image will help to attract attention if you fall in love with a man – a work colleague.

You should choose calm tones without gaudy prints. For a strict look, jeans with a high waist are suitable, while a chiffon blouse is tucked into them. Complement the bow with heeled shoes. An example in the photo.

BY THE WAY! Make sure that the fabric of the blouse does not shine through, exposing the underwear.

With a jacket

A harmoniously matched jacket will certainly evoke associations with business style. The most winning option would be a discreet shade model:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • dark blue.

Under the jacket, we recommend wearing a light top. And to add zest to the image, you can pick up a scarf or focus on shoes.

With a cardigan

This option will be good if you have dark or gray jeans. Complete them with a light cardigan. Under it, you can wear a gray top. And choose shoes to match the cardigan, but a few tones lighter. To make the image look more status, you can complement it with glasses and a hat.

IMPORTANT! This combination is close to casual style, which is why it is best to choose it on Fridays.

With a sweater

For those of the fair sex who want to dilute a strict look, we suggest wearing a sweater in combination with jeans.

It can be woolen and knitted – the choice depends on individual preferences. For a more fashionable look, wear a shirt under the sweater and wear it with the sleeves of the shirt peeking out from under the sweater.

To complement the chosen image, we recommend massive watches or bracelets. Look at the photo options proposed by stylists.

What color to choose?

Of no small importance is the choice of color for a business ensemble. It should not be flashy or include a bright print. This is inappropriate for office style.

We will talk about how to combine different colors of jeans correctly below.

Classic – blue and blue

It is better for the fair sex to refuse blue jeans in a business attire.

ADVICE! Preference should be given to models in dark blue colors – it symbolizes restraint and rigor.

In the office, it is better to wear jeans in discreet colors. Light-colored shirts and sweatshirts will look great with them. However, the classic black version of a strict shirt will become universal.

White and light jeans

White and light jeans in the office go great with a white top. It can be a stylish blouse, turtleneck or light jacket.

If the organization has a strict dress code, jeans are best combined with a snow-white, well-ironed shirt. If you have a more free spirit at work, it is acceptable to wear a top with a floral print or in black.


When choosing black jeans for the office, it is fundamentally important for women to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the figure, as well as age and individual preferences.

BY THE WAY! If you have wide hips, it is better to refuse black baggy trousers. Such a model will expose all the shortcomings for show.

But flared jeans will be quite appropriate due to the fact that the lower part will visually hide the large width of the hips.

As for the combination of black trousers, the following would be appropriate for a business look:

  • warm cardigans;
  • a blouse with a discreet print and a black jacket;
  • black blouse or shirt;
  • white jumper.

Unusual models

Classic jeans are great for office style. But what about the unusual models that girls love to choose so much?

IMPORTANT! First of all, we note that not every organization is allowed to wear such models by dress code rules. But if your leadership is loyal in this matter, then this section will be useful to you.

Let’s talk about what to wear with jeans to create a stylish one?


Skinny models are best suited for young girls with a perfect figure. Skinny jeans go well with light short blouses that are neatly tucked into jeans.

Shirt blouses also look good. The coloring depends on individual preferences – there are no strict restrictions on the choice.

boyfriend jeans

This model goes well with a fitted top. It could be:

  • turtleneck;
  • top;
  • jumper.

Looks good loose shirt and jacket. As outerwear, a coat or leather jacket, cropped jacket or parka jacket would be appropriate.

I recommend watching a video that talks about successful combinations of jeans with different clothes:

What to wear with jeans: a coat with jeans

A coat is a piece of clothing that has firmly entered the autumn wardrobe. In early autumn, the coat can be worn open.

When frosts are coming, designers suggest focusing on layered structured looks or wearing a thin down vest under the coat.

This season, many designers presented actual combinations of coats with jeans at the show. The emphasis in the image can be made on an unusual style / colour of the coat or on extraordinary jeans. You can take everything at once, just like at the Gucci show, where designers combine a provocative leopard coat with denim jeans and classic loafers.

However, not everyone is ready for such experiments. It is better to combine voluminous coats with laconic fitted jeans, and cropped tunic coats with tight-fitting models.

What shades go with blue?

Blue denim goes well with various shades. To create a strict image, you can choose various tones of beige, light and dark brown, pastel pink, lilac, muted dark green, silver and gold and, of course, black. Blue and white will also look quite elegant – this combination can be used not only in everyday wear but also in the evening.

If you like brighter colours, you can combine blue jeans with bright purple, raspberry, lilac, coral things, as well as orange, red, yellow, green and blue. Printed items will also look good in combination with blue trousers, for example, T-shirts or blouses with bright floral patterns (especially if such patterns also have blue details). Also good with some types of blue jeans, for example, with torn frayed products, bright checkered shirts with rich red or green details will look good. Such bows will be relevant in the current and next season.

Best Ready-Made Looks With Blue Jeans

If you can’t find the right wardrobe details for your blue jeans on your own, you can use universal looks to create your everyday, office or holiday outfit:

  • Grey-blue high-waisted jeans can be combined with classic-length tops, as well as a light blue jacket. This outfit is quite suitable for the office or a business meeting. To make it look not boring, complete it with sophisticated accessories: classic items with pearls will fit here. Please note: this set is suitable only for those offices where the dress code is rather soft, otherwise even the most strict skinny jeans may be considered by the authorities as inappropriate in your office.
  • Light blue jeans with a low waist should be combined with a silk blouse, classic shoes, as well as sophisticated pearl accessories. It is best to take a blouse in pastel shades: pale pink, lilac, as well as light shades of chocolate.
  • If you want to create a laid-back shopping look, you should pair your blue pants with a bright tank top, as well as a neutral-colored cardigan (a cardigan with a blue-and-blue pattern will look most elegant in this set) and flat shoes. This set is best complemented with accessories to match your top.
  • If you want to create an informal look, choose dark blue jeans and complement them with a plaid shirt, as well as a brown or black biker jacket. It is also recommended to pick up massive earrings, a large bag and boots on a thick platform for such a set.
  • Skinny jeans can also be paired with layered tops. An excellent casual look in this case can be created by complementing such trousers with a shirt, as well as a bright sweatshirt. A large bag, interesting flat shoes and bright earrings will complement this look.
  • If the boho trend is your thing, you can create a boho look with your blue jeans. Complement them with a T-shirt or blouse with ethnic ornaments, sandals or closed shoes in this style, as well as colorful jewelry. By the way, here you can also use elongated cotton tunics instead of T-shirts and even women’s ponchos – here such elements of your wardrobe will look quite stylish.
  • For an interesting set to go out with friends, try pairing faded white and blue jeans with a T-shirt or blouse made of thick material with an interesting print. The image can be supplemented with a denim jacket or leather jacket, as well as a simple bag. You can choose any shoes for such a set, even ballet flats or tennis shoes will look good here.
  • Pair your skinny with a crop top or bustier for a great summer outfit. It is desirable that this element has an interesting bright print. Also, this set can be supplemented with a shirt, which will simply be thrown over the shoulders, and bright accessories.
  • If you want to make jeans a detail of your evening look, you will need to choose an elegant top, a corset or a silk blouse, as well as a short fitted jacket. In this outfit, even torn trousers will look harmonious. Silver shoes, a clutch and matching jewelry will make the look both sophisticated and bright.

Also, blue ankle-length straight jeans are a great addition to your at-home wardrobe. On regular days, you can wear them with shapeless sweaters. But if you want to create a more solemn look, just compliment these pants with an elegant tunic or an elongated T-shirt, lowered over your shoulder, as in the photo. You can complement this outfit with catchy accessories – here they will look quite appropriate.

White jeans for women: images for all seasons

Summer is the best time for white things. Denim is no exception: thin samples of bleached jeans are very comfortable, they are not hot. The only negative is that any stain is very noticeable, so accuracy is required.

What to wear with white pants in warm spring and summer? As in the case of standard jeans, all possible options are selected as the top: blouses, tops, t-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks, thin sweatshirts, etc. Blue denim products look beautiful: shirts, jeans.

The style direction can be any, as well as the color scheme: absolutely everything is combined with white. Universal solutions: black, grey, light pink or white top, contrast jacket.

For skinny models, the top is selected voluminous, multi-layered. For flared jeans, it is better to stay on the fitted styles of the upper part of the wardrobe. White boyfriends are not the best solution, especially for owners of magnificent forms. Such a thing will create extra volume in the hips. It is better to give preference to the classics with a shortened bottom.

For autumn, it is recommended to store voluminous sweaters and cardigans. Colors can be bright or subdued. Outerwear ranges from bold leather jackets to light raincoats and oversized plush coats.

White women’s jeans are quite suitable for the total white bow – a real hit of 2020. The favourite is an icy shade. Companions in this look are T-shirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, jackets and cardigans of any length, shoes – from sneakers and sandals to “daddy’s” sneakers and “Cossacks”.

The best shoes to go with white jeans have a bright print or colour. Since most of the look turns out to be neutral, choose shoes or boots in an animalistic style, with interesting decor, in an unexpectedly bright colour. Classic black, white, beige and brown shades of shoes are also quite appropriate.

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