Women, take note!

The body of a woman undergoes various physiological changes in different periods of life. And every woman, girl, girl, regardless of age, needs to be attentive to the state of her genitourinary and reproductive systems.

Up to 10% of little girls under the age of 3 years are faced with the problem of synechia – this is the adhesion of the labia minora. If the splicing is large enough, then this gives the child a lot of inconveniences and can lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.

In order to avoid this problem, mothers of girls should take the hygiene of the intimate area very responsibly from the birth of a child, and consultation with a specialist is required.

Only a doctor can give the right prescriptions and methods of treatment and correction. With timely treatment and proper treatment, the problem of synechia is solved positively and without a trace.

Also common complaints of discomfort, burning, itching in the genitourinary system – this may be leukoplakia.

This disease is much younger and sometimes occurs in men. Often people confuse him with symptoms of cystitis or thrush and self-medicate.

Leukoplakia is a disease that results in changes and thinning of the mucous membrane, accompanied by keratinization of the epithelium. The mucosa becomes more vulnerable to damage, both mechanical and bacterial.

Most gynecologists believe that the cause of synechia and leukoplakia is low levels of estrogen (female sex hormone) or poor personal hygiene. Doctors recommend using hormonal ointments. They contain estrogen, but this one has quite a few side effects. A safe alternative to synthetic hormones is plant phytoestrogens, which are structurally similar to female hormones and act as estrogen in the body. Women’s herbs ( boron uterus and red brush ) are a source of phytoestrogens and are used very actively to solve hormonal problems. For the prevention, as well as in the treatment of these diseases, it is necessary to carefully monitor personal hygiene:

  • you need to wash from front to back (to avoid infection), using clean water at room temperature;
  • keep the perineum clean using special products without alkali, SLS, parabens, fragrances; you can use the gel and foam “FemoFit” , which contain herbal extracts with phytohormones;
  • wear clean cotton underwear of a suitable size;
  • in the presence of dryness, itching, irritation in intimate areas, moisturizers should be used, for example, ” FemoFit moisturizing gel for intimate areas “, which contains an active plant complex on pure aloe juice, has a light texture, does not leave a sticky feeling and marks on clothes. After washing the intimate area with the FemoFit gel or foam, it is necessary to apply the FemoFit moisturizing gel , it will moisturize and protect the mucous membrane, relieve irritation, itching, maintain the correct balance of microflora, and also contains extracts of the womb uterus and red brush , which are sources of phytohormones.

In the assortment of our store there is a Set of Organic Herbs Red Brush 2in1 . It has a number of properties that make it an excellent tool for combating male and female diseases of the genital area. This is an excellent remedy, both for douching and for use as an oral medicine, which is great for both women and men.

Your health is in your hands. Any health problem is easier and cheaper to prevent than to treat an advanced chronic disease.

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