Travel to Cuba: a great immersion in Havana

Cuba, this Caribbean island that stands out thanks to its character always reserves a surprise to its visitor. From the famous Cuban cigars to frozen Mojitos, passing by the beautiful paradisiacal beaches of the island, the splendor of these towns, the beautiful American cars of the 1950s, everything is to be visited in Cuba. So, to travel to Cuba is to take a trip back in time.

A welcoming capital

But if you really want to immerse yourself in the depths of the island, this is the opportunity. You will be led to discover a culture, traditions, a unique way of life. You can also dance to the rhythms of frenzied music or following the notes of a Bob Marley song. Cuba is also beaches with golden sand where you will have the opportunity to bask under a radiant sun.

Places steeped in history

Havana remains the best place on the island to get to know an exceptional country, unique marked by the revolutionary spirit. This mythical capital marked in its small corners by history is a place that recalls many historical moments. Strolling through its colorful streets, and its colonial architecture, you will follow a history film that will remind you of Ernest Hemingway, Fidel Castro to his famous platform where he made his speeches. Havana will also allow you to admire the Cathedral of San Cristobal, to stroll on its beautiful square and to visit the cemetery of Christopher Columbus.

Places and sites to discover

Idyllic places also await you in the four corners of this city frozen in time. Do not miss then the statue of Christ, the beautiful castle del Morro, the avenue of Paseo del Prado or the magnificent castle of Real Fuerza. Castillo is now listed as a World Heritage Site. “

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