Sports nutrition: types and purpose

Sports nutrition is nutritional supplements that have a balanced composition and help keep the body in good physical shape. Recent studies show that the calorie requirement of people who exercise regularly and get heavy exercise is 3-4 times higher than those who lie on the couch. And to make up for this deficiency, athletes would have to eat larger portions. And special sports nutrition products not only fill the need for energy, but also improve the internal processes of the body.

Sports nutrition is recommended not only for athletes, but also for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to improve their figure. And also, it can be an additional supplement to the diet of people who are not related to sports at all, since our diet is not balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And sports nutrition will help to balance it.

Types of sports nutrition

1. Proteins.

Protein is a special concentrated protein, which is a very important source of amino acids for athletes, because if the body is actively exposed to intense stress, it needs additional proteins. It is impossible to get them in the right amount from food.

The line of proteins from the manufacturer ANS Performance represents as many as 4 different products, each of which has its own unique, unique features. 

N-ISO 100% Hydrolyzed – Pure Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate (83% Protein) 

N-PRO Premium Protein is a six-protein complex protein blend designed to provide a fast, intermediate and sustained supply of essential muscle-building nutrients up to a full 8 hours after ingestion!

Diablo Diet Protein is a low-calorie product for people who are going to lose weight and lose excess fat, consisting of 5 types of protein with the addition of powerful fat-burning components.

N-WHEY Protein is a 100% high quality whey protein filtered through a membrane using cold working and ion exchange technology, a whey protein formula for fast digestion and absorption. Filtration completely preserves the protein molecule, this product with unsurpassed taste speaks for itself!

2. Gainers.

Gainer (from the English. Gain – build up) – a carbohydrate-protein mixture, the percentage, as a rule, is shifted towards carbohydrates. The composition of gainers includes a complex of carbohydrates of varying complexity and with a different glycemic index, which allows the body to receive the maximum amount of energy and forms an optimal supply of glycogen in the muscles. The fat content of mass gainers is minimal and usually close to zero. This composition provides the optimal energy potential of the athlete and the growth of muscle mass without fat deposits.

N-MASS Gainer – This product is a complete meal replacement since its composition is rich in all the necessary nutrients, a high quality protein matrix, complex carbohydrates and beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, for 100% muscle growth.

3. Amino acids.

Amino acids are the most purified protein. They are needed to maintain the health of all organs and systems of the body, to restore strength after heavy physical exertion, not only in the gym, but also after work in the country. Our body produces amino acids on its own, but they are only enough to maintain the vital activity of the body. If the body is experiencing additional stress, then you need to take additional amino acids. Both regular food and sports nutrition will help with this.

Amino HP Amino Acids is a formulation of amino acids to increase strength and endurance during training, as well as to prevent catabolism and muscle breakdown. It contains three essential BCCA amino acids, which play a huge role in building muscles, as well as a complex that increases muscle power and strength of their contractions, plus a complex for endurance and blood flow to the muscles, removes lactic acid and decay products from muscles, reduces soreness and accelerates recovery.

4. Fat burners.

Fat burners will help speed up the process of losing weight and consolidate the result.

If your dream is a toned, sculpted, muscular body, then ANS fat burners are your right choice. The line represents four drugs, Diablo Thermogenic , Ript , Diablo PM Stress Control , Diablo Inferno . Each product contains exclusively natural and herbal ingredients that only benefit your figure and general condition of the body. Especially worth highlighting is the fat burner Diablo PM Stress Control , which works while you sleep, it is taken at night, it also increases stress resistance and reduces the level of cortisol, a hormone that destroys muscle mass and causes body aging.

5. Creatine.

Creatine is an amino acid that stores energy in the athlete’s muscles, as well as increasing his overall endurance through the accumulation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). 

In a small amount, it can be produced by the body, but a person receives most of the amino acid from food. The richest source of this supplement is red meat.

Crexcel Creatine is a super fuel for athletes. The drug enhances the stored capacity of cellular energy and maximizes the efficiency of ATP generation to achieve an increase in strength, power and recovery. In addition to generating ATP and creatine phosphate, the drug replenishes all the necessary minerals for muscle contraction and increases the number of mitochondria in cells. 

6. Means to increase testosterone.

Sports nutrition preparations for increasing testosterone, in other words, testosterone boosters, are a class of nutritional supplements, the use of which is aimed at stimulating the production of one’s own testosterone, in order to increase muscle growth, correct hormonal levels, increase strength, endurance, prevent aging of the male body and increase libido. 

Fortitude V2 – Increases free testosterone, reduces estrogen and cortisol levels, increases luteinizing hormone and suppresses dihydrotestosterone.

7. Carbohydrate mixtures.

It is used to increase endurance in athletes, maintaining muscle function for a long time.

Carb HP is the most advanced technology in carbohydrate supplementation, specifically designed and formulated to provide incredible endurance enhancement even in elite athletes. The basis of the composition is Cluster Dextrin® – the most innovative source of carbohydrates, which does not cause a large spike in insulin and maintain muscle function for a long time, but at the same time does not cause stomach heaviness like other sources of complex carbohydrates. Also, CARB HP is fortified with pink Himalayan sea salt to nourish athletes with electrolytes, natural minerals and elements that are very important for normal muscle contraction during the athlete’s work.

8. Pre-workout complexes (designed to increase endurance, strength, general condition of the body during training).

The range of pre-workout complexes of the ANS brand represents three complexes Rave , Ritual , Dilate , each complex has its own characteristics and individual purpose. Rave is a nootropic complex that increases concentration, attention, memory, energy, as well as the conduction of signals through the nervous system.  Ritual – a complex designed to increase all indicators in training, endurance, strength, pumping, accelerate recovery and improve the general condition of the body during training. Dilate – specially designed to increase blood flow to the muscles, remove excess lactic acid and accelerate the recovery of muscle fibers and oxygen saturation.


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