Cuban cigars are the best souvenir from Liberty Island

For the first time, sailors Luis de Torres and Rodrigo de Jerez spoke about Cuban cigars. They were crew members of the Santa Maria on the expedition of Christopher Columbus. During the voyage, travelers noticed among the indigenous inhabitants of Cuba, the Indians, steaming bundles of leaves with tobacco. It was in 1492, and since then Cuba has been the main producer of the legendary cigarettes. Subsequently, it turned out that the Indians had set fire to corn leaves in their hands, and the Spanish conquistadors invented the technology in the 16th century.

Why are Cuban cigars the best? Cuban tobacco products are recognized as the best due to the high quality of the leaves from which they are made. The Cuban climate, both in terms of humidity and temperature, is ideal for growing tobacco for cigars, such conditions are not found anywhere else. By the way, that’s why they’re so expensive. Cigars are rolled only from black Havana tobacco. Each consists of a cover sheet, a binding sheet and a filler. Cuban cigars are valued precisely for their filling. Firstly, it can be from ground leaves, whole or a combination of both. Secondly, from 2 to 5 different varieties of tobacco can be used.

The maturity of the tobacco is another cornerstone of creating the perfect Cuban cigar. The maturation time is 4.5 months. The tobacco bush has 3 tiers, each of them has its own valuable properties. The first layer is called Ligero: it has received the most sun and contains a lot of nicotine. This layer is placed in the middle of the future cigar. In the middle tier, the leaves are called Seco – they contain essential oils and thin out a specific smell when burned.

The leaves from the first tier of the bush are very dense and burn for a long time, so cigars can be smoked for a long time. Production technology For a long time there was a myth that cigars are so incomparable thanks to the beautiful Cuban mulattos who roll tobacco leaves on their thighs. However, this beautiful legend is not true, since women were allowed to work only after the revolution in the 16th century. Today, the process of making a standard Cuban cigar goes through several stages: 1.

Leaf fermentation. The most important and lengthy process. After drying and removal of the central vein, the leaves are folded into piles (pylons). In this form, they are left in a dark room for several months, active biochemical processes begin. It is thanks to properly carried out fermentation in cigars that coffee and fruit notes are felt when smoking.

2. Sorting. Marriage and foreign debris are thrown away, the leaves are laid out in size and density.

3. Blend. At this stage, the leaves are classified according to the type of aromatic oils, several types are selected for mixing. The right combination determines the “tastyness” of a cigar, success requires talent in tasting flavors and understanding them.

4. Shaping.

Marking and packing in boxes. Excursions are often held for tourists, during which cigars are rolled with them.

It is very interesting to look at the technology, we advise you to visit Cuba and see it with your own eyes. You can find out the cost of the tour and choose the one that suits you for the price and date of departure on it.

Where to buy real cigars in Cuba Finding cigars in Cuba will not be a problem: there are both specialized stores and points of sale at tobacco factories. For example, in the resort town of Vardare, one of the places where you can buy high-quality cigars is the Plaza America shopping center. The closest hotel to stay for shopping is MEMORIES VARADERO BEACH RESORT . So, a trip to a sunny island will remain not only in memory, but also in fragrant souvenirs.

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