Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that is characteristic of every woman. The normal menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. Often these days are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, exhaustion, aggressiveness. However, with proper nutrition, there is a chance to reduce discomfort. On days 1-5 At the beginning of menstruation, the … Read more

Sports nutrition: types and purpose

Sports nutrition is nutritional supplements that have a balanced composition and help keep the body in good physical shape. Recent studies show that the calorie requirement of people who exercise regularly and get heavy exercise is 3-4 times higher than those who lie on the couch. And to make up for this deficiency, athletes would have to … Read more

Women, take note!

The body of a woman undergoes various physiological changes in different periods of life. And every woman, girl, girl, regardless of age, needs to be attentive to the state of her genitourinary and reproductive systems. Up to 10% of little girls under the age of 3 years are faced with the problem of synechia – this … Read more

Ginger for slimness and vigor

Everyone knows that ginger is an excellent home remedy for colds, as well as an indispensable ingredient for various desserts and aromatic teas. However, this is only a small fraction of the useful properties that it actually has. Affects the state of the blood Ginger promotes blood circulation in the brain as it strengthens blood vessels … Read more


Demand is high, but is it safe to donate blood during the COVID-19 outbreak? The American Red Cross reports that the COVID-19 outbreak has drastically reduced blood donations needed for surgeries, transfusions and transplants. The novel coronavirus is testing healthcare systems around the world, forcing different communities within states to impose restrictions on where people … Read more

Marketing Plans 2021

Andy Dufrein couldn’t have escaped the toughest Shawshank prison for life in prison without a plan. Since a plan is a process of achieving a goal, then your business cannot do without it, in particular, without a marketing one. Therefore, we will analyze what a marketing plan is, who is suitable for and how to … Read more

Travel to Cuba: a great immersion in Havana

Cuba, this Caribbean island that stands out thanks to its character always reserves a surprise to its visitor. From the famous Cuban cigars to frozen Mojitos, passing by the beautiful paradisiacal beaches of the island, the splendor of these towns, the beautiful American cars of the 1950s, everything is to be visited in Cuba. So, to travel to … Read more