Marketing Plans 2021

Andy Dufrein couldn’t have escaped the toughest Shawshank prison for life in prison without a plan. Since a plan is a process of achieving a goal, then your business cannot do without it, in particular, without a marketing one. Therefore, we will analyze what a marketing plan is, who is suitable for and how to … Read more

Travel to Cuba: a great immersion in Havana

Cuba, this Caribbean island that stands out thanks to its character always reserves a surprise to its visitor. From the famous Cuban cigars to frozen Mojitos, passing by the beautiful paradisiacal beaches of the island, the splendor of these towns, the beautiful American cars of the 1950s, everything is to be visited in Cuba. So, to travel to … Read more

Women and cycling are on the move!

Cycling is a whole story, and you can even tell your own, from the age when your dad proudly gave it to you and your older brother taught you to ride, until today, when you pedal by yourself on all the roads of life. The pioneers: from parachute skirts to shorts If there is one … Read more

Test quinoa for its taste and benefits!

It has been 50 years this year since quinoa first appeared in the Western diet. At a time when the vegan movement was just emerging, this seed imported from South America immediately seduced by its richness in essential nutrients. Today, it invests the shelves of supermarkets and comes in almost all sauces. Nutritionists praise quinoa, and dieticians recommend … Read more

Solutions for natural healing

Alternative medicine is gaining more and more followers. While they do not replace medical advice and do not replace conventional medicine therapies, natural remedies nevertheless have many benefits. They help our body fight against a large number of everyday ailments and have the advantage of being less aggressive than chemical molecules. Simple, ecological and economical, these alternatives are … Read more